Kodrina Complex Masterplan

Prishtina – Kosovo

The landscape strategy for the Kodrina Complex Master Plan builds on a regional Green Corridor system that runs through and around the city of Prishtina, and uses it as a framework throughout the entire Master Plan that !melk designed in collaboration with Studio Libeskind.

The Kodrina development prescribes a high density of built program/FAR, balanced with a soft ‘veil of trees.’ A “green neighborhood” – as if the development were placed in a forested zone of the City – the landscape design celebrates the nearby Goljak mountain range with strategic view-framing corridors.

To honor a strong and memorable site in the City of Prishtina, cutting-edge architecture and design, as well as the latest best practices sustainability methods, will create a new urban identity.

The overall landscape design strategy for the Kodrina development will be subtle; it is based on the principle of establishing a contiguous framework of trees throughout the site’s park, courtyards, retail promenades, and the cultural center plaza. The design also addresses the spectacular topography of the site, indisputably mitigating the physical reality of elevation differences of more than 30 meters.


Studio Libeskind (architect)

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