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!melk designs a 5,000 acre park in Egypt

The government of Egypt has embarked on the construction of a new capital city. The Master Plan from which the new city is being constructed was conceived by the esteemed Egypt-based planning consortium 5+UDC. This spectacular endeavor is located in between Cairo and the Suez Canal. A significant component of 5+UDC’s plan is a 5,000 acre central park, named “The Green River,” for which !melk, in collaboration with EDSA and Oekoplan, has been commissioned to design. At 6.25 times larger than New York City’s Central Park, this ambitious public space will become the largest central urban park in the world.
In February !melk founder Jerry van Eyck and EDSA principal Kona Gray presented their first ideas to both Minister (of Housing and Urban Development) Madboly and President el-Sisi.